Saturday, May 15, 2010

Khadiya Estate A Seven Salute State

The history of Junagadh chronologically presents the birth and genesis of this small city in the state of Gujarat. A city and municipality, Junagadh is located at the foothills of the sacred Girnar Hills. The city is presently the headquarters of the Junagadh district of Gujarat.

The name Junagadh means Old Fort. Various famous rulers such as the Kshatrapas, Mauryans, Chudasamas, Guptas, Vilabhis, Gujarat Sultans and Babi Nawabs have reigned in this part of the world. The architecture and rich cultural heritage of Junagadh stands as the edifice of the political and religious influences of the various rulers who have ruled the region. Four major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam, have left a substantial influence on Junagadh. However, a stronger influence of the rulers of Junagadh was felt on the architecture of the city.

Khadiya Estate : A Seven Salute State

Khadiya Darbar is one of the Royal Family during the regime of Nawabs of Junagadh, where the comparability was to be on its own stakes at the region. The Khadiya Estate Family started with Mohammad Hafez Khanji Baluch, who migrated from Baluchistan on the orders of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, where Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb awarded Hafez Khan with a title of "Khan Shree" Hafez "Khanji" (A Royal Tag) for his excellence and bravery shown at his throne at Baluchistan and was called to Junagadh and held a charge as a ruler of the Khadiya Estate, which has 84 Villages, cities and Junagadh Estate's some part of revenue under the throne of his excellence. His Highness Mohammad Khanji's Maqbara (Tomb) is located at inner city of Junagadh. After the death of His Highness Khan Shree Mohammad Hafez Khanji, his son Khan Shree Mohammad Aalam Khanji was given the responsibility for the throne of Khadiya Estate. Where he expended his regime for his fort at Khadiya, Patapur etc. (Fort is Presently in Control of Khadiya Darbar Family) to his own jails and jurisdiction. This family had their own durbar gadh. The Throne of Khadiya Estate spreaded its roots and after the death of His Highness Khan Shree Moh. Aalam Khanji and Khan Shree Moh. Mujahid Khanji a new rise was induced in the estate with His Highness Khan Shree Mohammad Khanji - I & II, K.S Mohammad Fahte Khanji - I and K.S Moh. Kesar Khanji - I, their respected contribution had governed many critics in the Junagadh state and due to their well diversified skills estate was governed at peace and full of rejoice was revel in the hearts of the estate people due to their intellectual skills of collective leaderships and brave heart.

It was the stage in the regime of K.S Moh. Fahte Khanji - II, Independence of Indian nation was declared and all the royal authorities were forced to surrender the throne where the Nawab of Junagadh has left his throne and left for Pakistan but the Late K.S Moh. Fahte Khanji - II did not left Junagadh because of the the faithfulness towards the soil of Junagadh and the country he stayed back and died within few years after independence. Today at present the sons of Late Khan Shree Moh. Fahte Khanji - II, Late Khan Shree Mohammad Iqbal Khanji Baluch and Khan Shree Mohammad Khanji Baluch who is Member of Legislative Assembly government of gujarat from Veraval are governing their estate.

Present Members of Khadiya Esatate:

Her Highness Begum Hamida Fahte Khanji

    * Kuvarishree Tahera Bi
    * Kuvarishree Farhad Hanif Qureshi

Late Khan Shree Mohammad Iqbal Khanji Baluch
Mohtarma Begum Kulsum Sultana

    * Sahebzadi Kausar Jahan
    * Sahebzadi Tanveer Jahan
    * Sahebzadi Anjum Jahan
    * Sahebzada Khan Shree Moh. Imran Khanji I Baluch

Khan Shree Mohammad Khanji Baluch
Mohtarma Begum Naseem M Baluch

    * Sahebzada Khan Shree Moh. Nihad Khanji M Baluch
    * Sahebzadi Mehvash M Baluch